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Weeknummer Maandag Programmering Dinsdag Donderdag Zaterdag Zondag
Week 1 16-1-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 5
@75 % 
Squat + Front squat Bench + Small Grip Bench Deadlift of Snatch + Log Viper Squat + Front squat
Week 2  23-1-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 4
Bench + Wobble Bench Deadlift + Asymmetric Deadlift Squat of Clean & Jerk + Monster Dumbell Jerk Bench + Wobble Bench
Week 3  30-1-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 3
Deadlift (Competition Style) Squat (Competition Style) Bench of Snatch (Competition Style) + One Motion Stones Deadlift (Competition Style)
Week 4  6-2-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 8
Squat + Paused Squat Bench +Paused Squat Deadlift of Clean & Jerk + Axle Belt Clean & Press Squat + Paused Squat
Week 5  13-2-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 5
Bench + Resistance Bands Deadlift + Resistance Bands Squat of Snatch + Stone to Chest Bench + Resistance Bands
Week 6  20-2-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 4
Deadlift  + Chains Squat + Chains Bench of Clean & Jerk + Log Press Away Deadlift  + Chains
Week 7  27-2-2023 W-up: 4 sets
Top set: 2 x 3
Squat  + Partial Bench + Partial Deadlift of Snatch + One Motion Axle Clean & Press Squat  + Partial

Build Up
StrengthCon. TRAINING

Specific warming-up

Warm-ups can be split into two categories: General, getting warm and specific, which is warming up for the exact training movements.

top set

Most intensive set with the heaviest load, most of the time performed with a primary exercise.

back-off sets

Back-off sets are additional sets of your primary muscle group or exercise for the day, but with lower intensity. Back-off sets focus on providing additional rep work on those same muscles groups without the intensity of your top set.

accessory work set

Accessory exercises incorporate one or more of the muscles used in the primary lift of the day.

How to prepare for a heavy or 1 RM?

Here are soms specific guidelines for how to reach your top set or goal. Have a goal in mind for your top set weight. Don’t waste energy on the way up. Take shorters rests between earlier sets and add time as the weight gets heavier.

Working sets: What is a Top and a Back-Off set?

Even 1 top set can be enough to get big results. Back off sets are great for adding some volume/reps and to work at technique



The intensity (percentage) and the number of repetitions are shown schematically in the strength pyramid mentioned below.


Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday we focus on SBD (Squat, Bench, Deadlift)/Powerlifting also called the ”slow” lifts. On Saturday we focus on the ”fast lifts’: Weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch) and working with Strongman odd objects like a log, stones and a axle bar.

Log your results

Download the Sport Bit App and track your results at ‘Fitprofiel’. Use the ‘Calculator’ to calculate your numbers.

Follow the Strength Con. classes

Dinsdag: 18.30 – 19.30 uur
Donderdag: 19.30 – 20.30 uur
Zaterdag: 11.00 – 12.00 uur
Zondag: 09.00-10.00 uur

Tuesday: 18.30 – 19.30 PM
Thursday: 19.30 – 20.30 PM
Saturday: 11.00 – 12.00 AM
Sunday: 09.00-10.00 AM




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